" Do you know what makes prisons disappear? Every deep genuine affection. Being friends, being brothers, loving, that is what opens the prison, with supreme power, by some magic force. Without these one stays dead. But whenever affection is revived, there life revives."

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Pen Pal Ad, from H. Lee



My burden to bear is being in prison for the rest of my life.
I am in my 60`s with a 38+ sentence, with one decade done, I have nearly three more to go.
Oh well, I say!
The unit shrink thinks I am antisocial and depressed. While I would love to live up to his expectations, I find I am more curious about life outside these walls.
I yearn to share my passion for reading books that make you think rousing emotions, writing letters and music; rock, country and underground sounds.
Not unlike an archaelogist, I was an avid dumpster diver, digging for treasures in discarded memories of others.Yard sales, thrift stores and fleamarkets were also my terrain.

Writing poetry, when inspired, is a pasttime, being creative; drawing cartoons about prison life, makes life bearable.
Viewing life in an easy going, not judgemental and very openminded way - alternative lifestyles, no problem, with an excellent sense of humor gives me the courage to accept my fate.

What do I seek?
A longterm friend, one who will, through the years, share their life, good or bad, with me.
Race, age and gender should be meaningless to friends.

What about you? Do you need a friend, a confident or desire a literary friendship?
If so, and my picture doesn`t scare you off, write me.
Please include your address in the body of the letter. Email at Jpay.com.

Harold Lee
Powledge Unit
1400 FM 3452
Palestine, TX 75803-2350

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