" Do you know what makes prisons disappear? Every deep genuine affection. Being friends, being brothers, loving, that is what opens the prison, with supreme power, by some magic force. Without these one stays dead. But whenever affection is revived, there life revives."

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just something I wrote

I know who I used to be
I remember what I used to be
I know who and what I want to be
What I don`t know is who and what I am now
Caught in this netherworld of loneliness, chaos,
dram, misery and so much suffering and neglect.
I know I exist, but for what?
What is my purpose here?
Why am I even still alive?
I know what I want to do
I have desires for so many things,
yet, it all seems a dream
A nightmare called existance, living
what I don`t have is hope
without that I have nothing really
Nothing that is that I can grasp a hold of
and use to change whatever I am now
I merely exist, living at the whim of those who
really don`t care if I`m alive or dead
Alive they feed me, cloth me, issuing orders
to do this, do that, move, don`t move, speak, don`t talk
dead, they forget I ever existed.
Once the paperwork is done
then move on to another
One who fills the spot I used to fill
One who never knew who or what I was
One who, like the keepers, doesn`t care
because he doesn`t know who or what he is
like me and others before
He exists in this netherworld of no hope
like me and others before
He remembers who he was, what he was
what he desires
but right now
not who he is
He exists only.

H. Lee, Feb.28 - 2014

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Texas Justice, by D. Burkett

Sharing with you a part from the latest letter from Del Burkett, writing about his son Chris Burkett.

" ... I was taken over to that county jail where he was Oct 9th, my birthday as you know. They picked me up at 12.30 PM and took 1hr/50mins to get there.
As you know, he was there for spanking his ex-girlfriend`s son, for over a year now.
Then about 5 months ago he got busted with a cell phone he said belonged to another inmate. That was another felony charge!
He and his lawyer had been fighting the spanking charge, going to court appearances about every month. We thought he was about to go to trial on that case.
I was going to be bench warranted, that`s a warrant directly from a judge, to testify in the punishment phase IF he was found guilty.
Well, Friday Oct. 4th at 6.00 PM his lawyer was notified by the prosecutor that they were starting the Trial Monday morning at 9 AM.
This is highly out of norms!
The kicker is that they were proceeding on the phone case!!!!
He hadn`t even been to an arraignment on that case, or any other preliminary hearings.
So they picked a jury on Monday, the motion hearing was Tuesday and trial was Wed., the day I was took there.
I went through the normal booking process and shuffled from one holding tank to another for the next 4 hrs. Then fingerprinted, they took mug shots and photos of all my tattoos. Then I was put back in another vehicle and reurned to my Unit, arriving here at 8.30 PM. I never made it to the courtroom at all!!

He was found guilty for possession of a prohibited item in an institution.
The best I understand is he was giving the judge the right to asses punishment instead of the jury. Somehow he thought the prosecutor was going to ask the judge for 70 years.
See, the charge carried about 2-10 I think, but with his prior convictions the state of Texas has a law called Enhancement of the sentence. For every prior conviction they move the punishment range up one level.
He was looking at 25-life.
His lawyer, prosecutor and the judge went into chambers for awhile and came out with an offer of 28 years!!
That was IF he agreed to plead guilty to the Injury to a child case!! They would drop the part saying "with intent" to commit bodily harm.
They would run the cases concurrent which means they would operate as one sentence of 28 years.

28 on each case!!

If he fought it, they would give him some big number, then if he lost the injury case at a later trial, the judge would stack that sentence on top of the phone case time.
That would mean that he would have to parole or discharge the first time, then start from the second.
So he went for the BS deal.

See, it was very obvious from the beginning that they had no case whatsover on the injury case. That`s why after 1,5 years there in jail, they still weren`t ready for trial! The event happened back in 2011!
So when his supid ass decided to use a cell phone in jail. it was like dropping a golden egg in their laps!
So they used it to get the conviction on both. That`s Texas Justice!!
Maybe that Needs to go on your Blogs!

Last I heard he was still at the county jail, as of his only a 3 year sentence before going back to the County to face this spanking case.
Much different now!

I sure wish he could get some pen pals. He is gonna be here a while.
He comes up for parole in 3 years or so, but he`s gonna get some set-offs due to his record. They were all just minor nothing sentences of 3, 10, and 3, I think.
Oh, by the way, the final judgement still read;" Injury tro a child with intent to commit bodily harm". He was suppose to be having that fixed, but I don`t know if it`s happened. Probably not.
Thats how it works in Texas!
Now because of this case, he won`t be able to get Contact Visits with his son until he`s 17 years old.
Only visits through the glass! That is what has him upset the worst......"

To write to Chris Burkett, please use the address added under "Pen Pals" on the right of this blog.

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Pen Pal Ad, from H. Lee



My burden to bear is being in prison for the rest of my life.
I am in my 60`s with a 38+ sentence, with one decade done, I have nearly three more to go.
Oh well, I say!
The unit shrink thinks I am antisocial and depressed. While I would love to live up to his expectations, I find I am more curious about life outside these walls.
I yearn to share my passion for reading books that make you think rousing emotions, writing letters and music; rock, country and underground sounds.
Not unlike an archaelogist, I was an avid dumpster diver, digging for treasures in discarded memories of others.Yard sales, thrift stores and fleamarkets were also my terrain.

Writing poetry, when inspired, is a pasttime, being creative; drawing cartoons about prison life, makes life bearable.
Viewing life in an easy going, not judgemental and very openminded way - alternative lifestyles, no problem, with an excellent sense of humor gives me the courage to accept my fate.

What do I seek?
A longterm friend, one who will, through the years, share their life, good or bad, with me.
Race, age and gender should be meaningless to friends.

What about you? Do you need a friend, a confident or desire a literary friendship?
If so, and my picture doesn`t scare you off, write me.
Please include your address in the body of the letter. Email at Jpay.com.

Harold Lee
Powledge Unit
1400 FM 3452
Palestine, TX 75803-2350

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Everybody needs a friend; by R. Silva

My back’s to the wall but still I will fight
without saying I’m wrong or believing I’m right.
I could live an illusion or even pretend
that I don’t want or need any type of friend.
Do I deserve friends? Who am I to say?
Everyone would have a friend, if I had it my way.
Should a man suffer for his wrongs? I believe so
but what that suffering would be, I don’t rightly know.
Should they hang me upside down by the tips of my toes?
Should they beat me half to death with a length of rubber hose?
Or should they lock me in a cell and deprive what’s called my mind,
just throw away the key until the end of time?
I am without a doubt no angel, that we know for sure.
Many of my past actions were evil true and pure.
I make no excuses, my crimes I wont dismiss
but I don’t believe anyone could possibly deserve this.
To feel so alone at times that you don’t wish to go on.
To constantly reach out for contact and for no one to respond.
To suffer every day with only yourself to blame.
To know the way your mind works will never be the same.
After years in solitary the world sort of drifts away,
your past comes back to haunt you and is stuck on replay.
You begin to hate yourself for all the pain you have caused.
I have struggled for years and now my life is on pause.
I understand how many people would feel, I’m just a piece of shit,
that if my life is total hell, I’m the one who done it.
And if I’m honest with myself, I would have to agree
but everyone needs a friend and that includes me!!!
Ricky Silva
This entry comes from Silva’s blog, Concrete Cage, which is maintained by a friend on the outside who periodically forwards reader comments to Silva. He can also be reached by email at ricky.lee.silva [at] gmail [dot] com or by writing Ricky Silva, L24722, Florida State Prison, 7819 N.W. 228th, Street, Raiford, FL 32026-1000.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unanswered prayers; by D. Cooper

Unanswered prayers

Day and night I pray for mail.
Are my prayers always destined to fail?
All day long my hopes are high,
only to be let down by the night`s sky.

I only long to hear from you each day,
my prayers must be answered somehow, some way.
How Long has it been? Six, seven weeks now -
I`ve lost track of time with every frown.

I waited three months for mail at one time,
I had thought you`d forgotten me because of my crime.
afterwards, five weeks went slowly by
as I waited for a letter or a reply.

Then they called my bunk for mail that night,
A two page letter. What a sight!
I was so glad to hear from home
I`ve been surrounded yet felt completely alone.

The mail I get is spaced so far apart
it leaves just enough room for a broken heart
I draw and shade pictures to pass my time
all in hopes to get the family off my mind.

I begin to lose interest in all I do,
I become depressed when I think of you.
I stay in the Word to ignore depression,
I`ve begged over and over with so much passion.

What I beg for is not pictures or money, just a letter from you
For a letter can lift spirits and help see this time through.
I`ve got 45 years, that`s way too long to lose you now.
All the times I`ve been locked up, you`ve never let me down.

Stay beside me as long as you can,
I`ll continue praying, that`s my plan
I`m going to close this because I`m shedding tears,
unanswered prayers are my biggest fears.

Dustin Cooper
Gurney Unit, TX
Source: The Echo, May 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Frozen Time, by C.D. Nelson


Frozen Time
A minute takes an hour
an hour takes a day.
That`s how the time goes by
when you`re locked away.
The sun never rises
therefore it never sets.
For us time seems frozen
sitting alone in our regrets.
Each day like the last
in places such as these.
Forgotten by our family
ignoring all our pleas.
Dragged to the edge of sanity
by days with no end in sight
Creating ways to get us through
to the long and restless night.
Our minds spin like carousels
full of brightly colored horses
Pick and choose rumors to believe
as we consider the sources
Hopeless feelings of despair
emotions come on strong
so much time to sit and think
of where it all went wrong.
by C.D. Nelson, Mineral Wells Unit, TX
source: The Echo, April 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Texas Highway 202...by Thomas Shows

Texas Higway 202

There`s a place in Texas on Highway 202
A place you need to avoid whatever you do
If you arrive on a bluebird that cannot fly
You have ridden a bird that has made grown men cry

You will be cuffed to a stanger when you take that ride
On that bluebird with a cage and two toilets inside
When you see tall fences topped with razor wire
You`ll realize you`re in a neighborhood no one should desire

They`ve got guard towers that look out over that place
With a walkway on top where the guards always pace
Guards in gray will meet you at the main gate
Once it`s closed behind you, it`s already too late

Then they`ll get you off the bus and make you stand in line
Tell you to strip to see what they might find
Then they give you boxers that go way past your knees
next you`ll see a doctor who`ll check for any disease

You`ll finally hit a dorm in a bout a week or so
you won`t really know, it`s just when they say "pack and go"
In each dorm there are bunks all along the wall
with a row of plexiglas windows facing the picket and the hall

When you finally see committee and are evaluated about a job
everybody hopes they don`t hear the words "hoe squad"
So if you ever have to travel down Texas Highway 202
Pray you`re not going behind those gates whatever you do!

Thomas Shows, Gist State Jail
source: The Echo, April 2013